Wechai Baudouin Series 1100KVA 880KW

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The original Weichai engine and Weichai unit are of excellent quality and durability, and the overhaul period exceeds 20,000 hours.

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Weichai engine
The original Weichai engine and Weichai unit are of excellent quality and durability, and the overhaul period exceeds 20,000 hours.
Generator set
Reliable operation, continuous rated power operation every 12 hours, allowing overload 110% rated power operation for 1 hour.
Weichai has a large social stock of similar products, sufficient spare parts, and low maintenance costs.
Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint.
Simple operation, convenient maintenance, excellent performance indicators, low fuel consumption, excellent emission, and strong adaptability to the three high environments.
The power reserve of the unit is large, continuous rated power operation every 12 hours, and an overload of 110% rated power is allowed to run for 1 hour.
Rainproof, dustproof, noise reduction. Perfect ventilation design, the unit noise can be reduced to 80dB (A).
The silent box body and public chassis are formed by bending high-quality steel plates. The thickness of the shed body is not less than 1.5mm, and the thickness of the public chassis is not less than 6mm. The overall strength of the unit is high and the vibration is small.
Electrostatic spraying process is adopted, forklift slots and lifting plates are set up to facilitate transfer, and the chassis fuel tank is standard to meet the requirements of continuous operation of the unit for 8 hours under rated operating conditions.
Fast and convenient mobile transfer, the trailer frame can choose high speed and low speed.
Control System
Using GU304/DSE6020/DSE7320 and other international well-known brands of intelligent controllers, it can reliably realize the operation, monitoring, protection and other functions of the unit, and can customize functions such as automation, self-switching, and self-parallel according to customer selection.
Configure the application:
Equipped with high-end, 45℃ high-temperature copper water tank, high-performance shock absorber, full protection of rotating surface and hot surface, high-efficiency three-filter, high-performance muffler, etc., to ensure the high quality of the unit.
service support:
Extensive service network, 36 domestic offices, more than 4,000 maintenance service centers, with an average service radius of 50 kilometers.
Emission Standards:
The emission of the unit can meet the requirements of non-road stage II.
It is suitable for various occasions that need emergency power supply, such as emergency communication, disaster relief, construction and other industries.

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