How to design a silent diesel generator set to minimize noise?

How to maintain an infrequently used diesel generator set?

(1) The box is a square box with a flat top and a flat steel plate at the bottom for easy dragging;

(2) There is an air intake and anti-sound box (intake window) at the rear of the box, which allows the air to enter freely during the operation of the diesel engine and effectively prevents sand and dust from entering the box.

(3) Emergency stop switch: An emergency stop switch is installed on the right side of the box to facilitate the shutdown of the unit when abnormal conditions occur.

(4) The structural material of the box body is anti-corrosion cold-rolled steel plate, the surface of the box body is smooth and flat, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which can more effectively guarantee the service life of the box body.

(5) Exhaust louvers: the front of the box is equipped with a wind guide hood to exhaust the air through the air guide groove, which greatly reduces the exhaust noise of the unit and the reverse flow of dust and high temperature.


(6) Box doors and windows: 2mm cold-rolled steel plates are used, and there is a glass window to observe the operating status, which effectively prevents the intrusion of sand and dust when the unit is idle.