How to Maintain the Diesel Generator Set?

Precautions for installing the unit

1.The engine oil of the diesel generator is mechanically lubricated, and the oil also has a certain retention period. After long-term storage, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change, causing the lubrication condition of the unit to deteriorate during operation, and it is easy to cause damage to the unit parts. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be Scheduled replacement.


2.When water enters the diesel generator, the water vapor in the air will condense due to the change of temperature, and form water droplets to hang on the inner wall of the fuel tank and flow into the diesel oil, causing the water content of the diesel oil to exceed the limit. Such diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil pump of the engine and will corrode finely Coupling piece ----- plunger, serious will damage the unit, timing protection is effective and can be avoided.

3.Lubricating system and seals; due to the chemical properties of lubricating oil or grease and the iron filings generated after mechanical wear, these not only reduce its lubricating effect, but also accelerate the damage of parts, and at the same time, due to the lubricating oil on the rubber sealing ring There is a certain corrosion effect, and the oil seal itself is also aging at any time to reduce the sealing effect.


4.The replacement cycle of the three filters (firewood filter, machine filter, air filter, water filter) The filter is used to filter diesel, engine oil or water to prevent impurities from entering the body, and oil and impurities in diesel are also not allowed Therefore, during the operation of the unit, the filter plays an important role, but at the same time, the oil or impurities are accumulated on the wall of the filter screen, which reduces the ability of the filter to filter. If there is too much accumulation, the oil passage will not be dredged. In this way, when the oil engine is running with load, it will be in shock due to the lack of oil supply (like a person lacking oxygen). Therefore, during the use of normal generator sets, we recommend: first, replace the third filter every 500 hours for common generator sets; second, standby The unit replaces the three filters every two years.

5.The cooling system of the diesel generator; the water pump, water tank and water pipeline have not been cleaned for a long time, so that the water circulation is not smooth and the cooling effect is reduced. The consequences are: first, the cooling effect is not good and the water temperature in the unit is too high to shut down, the Wilson unit is the most common; second, the water tank leaks and the water level in the water tank drops, and the unit will not work normally (in order to avoid in winter When using the generator, the water pipes freeze, we recommend that it is best to install a water heater in the cooling system).

6.The battery has been left unattended for a long time, and the water in the electrolyte cannot be replenished in time after evaporation. There is no equipment to start the battery charger, and the power of the battery drops after a long period of natural discharge, or the charger used needs to be manually timed for equalizing and floating charging. Because the battery capacity is not up to the requirement due to neglect of the switching operation, to deal with this problem, in addition to equipped with high-quality chargers, necessary detection and protection are necessary.


7.Fuel and gas distribution system; the power output of the diesel generator is mainly due to the combustion of fuel in the cylinder and the fuel is sprayed out through the fuel injection nozzle, which makes the burned carbon deposits accumulate in the fuel injection nozzle. Increasing the fuel injection volume of the fuel injector will be affected to a certain extent, resulting in the inaccurate timing of the ignition delay angle of the fuel injector, the fuel injection volume of each cylinder of the engine will be uneven, and the working condition will be unstable. Therefore, the fuel system should be cleaned and filtered regularly. Replacement of parts, the oil supply is smooth, and the adjustment of the gas distribution system makes it burn evenly.