How to maintain an infrequently used diesel generator set?

How to maintain an infrequently used diesel generator set?

Many customers have a misunderstanding when using and maintaining diesel generator sets. They think that the generator does not necessarily need maintenance if it is not used frequently. Maintenance is needed only when it is finished. In fact, this is a kind of cognition that is wrong.

Regardless of whether the diesel generator set is used or not, it must be maintained regularly, especially the first maintenance, because the first 60 hours of the diesel generator set is the running-in period.


Contaminated lubricating oil. Relubricating the generator set with such contaminated lubricating oil will only cause serious damage to the Cummins engine. Furthermore, lubricating oil also has a shelf life. Once the lubricating oil that has not been replaced for a long time expires, it will not only lubricate the engine, but the expired lubricating oil will become sticky and block the lubricating oil passage and damage the engine.

There is also a long-term failure to check and replace the three filters of the diesel generator (air filter, diesel filter, oil filter) which will not only affect the power of the diesel generator, but also cause hidden dangers of engine failure due to the clogging of the filter element.

The normal maintenance of diesel generators is not only a simple replacement of lubricating oil and filter elements, but also a comprehensive and systematic inspection of the generator to remove hidden dangers of diesel generators and eliminate faults in the bud. In this way, regular and periodic maintenance of the diesel generator set can ensure the normal service life of the generator set.