Why is there water seepage in the oil pan of a 100 kilowatt generator?

The 100 kilowatt generator sometimes does not reduce the reverse charge during use. This is apparently caused by the oil mixing with other liquids. When this phenomenon occurs, it should be stopped in time for inspection and maintenance is required. Otherwise, it will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also cause serious mechanical failure.

The main causes of water entering the oil pan of a 100 kW generator are: deformation or cracking of the cylinder head and body; perforation of the wet cylinder liner; damage to the water stop ring of the cylinder liner; damage to the oil radiator; damage to the cylinder gasket; damage to the water seal ring of the water pump.

1) Crack or deformation of cylinder block or cylinder head: mainly caused by improper use and maintenance, such as: long-term high-load operation, excessive heat load and thermal stress; diesel generator set is in a state of high temperature and water shortage, and a large amount of cold water is suddenly added ; or man-made damage during disassembly and transportation; accidental damage and cracks.

2) Wet perforation of the cylinder liner: the main reason is that the cylinder liner directly contacts the cooling water of the diesel generator set to dissipate heat. During the circulation process, the cooling water scours the outer surface of the cylinder liner, forming air pockets and cavitation on the outer surface of the cylinder liner. Over time, air pockets and air pockets can form on the outer surface of the cylinder liner. For a long time, there will be dense pits on the surface of the cylinder liner, and in severe cases, they will be perforated, causing cooling water to enter the oil pan of the diesel generator set.

3) The main cause of damage to the cylinder liner water stop ring is: when installing the cylinder liner, the center line of the cylinder liner is not straight with the end face of the cylinder block support hole; when the cylinder liner is pressed in, the water stop ring will be bitten by excessive force ; It may be that the temperature is due to the engine running in the absence of water, the height of the cylinder liner is too high, and then the water stop ring is damaged, causing the cooling water to leak into the oil pan.

4) The oil radiator is damaged: the radiator core is composed of a row of copper tubes, the coolant flows in the radiator core, and the oil of the diesel generator set circulates outside the tubes. During the activity, the high temperature oil is cooled by the coolant to maintain the oil temperature. When the copper tube of the radiator is cracked or the seal at both ends of the radiator core fails, the coolant may enter the oil pan of the diesel generator set through the oil passage. Or because the water level of the water tank is higher than that of the oil radiator, under the pressure of the height difference, the cooling water will enter the oil pan of the diesel generator set through the radiator pipe through the oil circuit. Also, if the seal between the radiator core and the ends of the radiator housing fails, cooling water may enter the oil pan.

5)Cylinder head gasket damage: If the engine of the 100kw generator does not work normally and overheats, it will cause ablation damage and water leakage of the cylinder head gasket; if the installation is uneven or the installation direction is wrong, it will also cause damage to the cylinder head gasket and water leakage; it will also occur During the installation process of the gasket, the cylinder head and the cylinder block, due to the poor sealing of the cylinder gasket, it will leak, which will damage the operation and stability of the cylinder, and flow into the engine oil. The oil emulsification caused by the bottom shell Affects smooth performance of the engine.

Post time: Dec-19-2022