Operational Safety Issues of Diesel Generating Set Equipment

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1. Insulation
When the equipment and facilities are not destroyed near the construction site, the temperature of the diesel generator set (without muffler and acquisition) is taken to ensure that the heat preservation measures of the unit work, and the surface temperature of the heat preservation measures does not exceed 140°C.
2. Dielectric strength
The electrical winding of the diesel generator set on each individual circuit between the ground and the circuit is subjected to a test frequency of 50hz, a test voltage of 1500v, the actual sine wave is better, and when the insulation dielectric strength test lasts for 1min, there is no breakdown or arcing Phenomenon.
3. Insulation resistance
Diesel generator sets are carried out at an ambient temperature of 15°C-35°C, and the relative humidity of each circuit between the ground and the insulation resistance of the hot state less than 25mΩ, not less than 5mΩ in an environment of 45%-75%.
4. Grounding device
Diesel generator sets have good grounding.
5. Once an electric shock occurs, immediately cut off the power switch, and then rescue the electric shock personnel. If electrical equipment catches fire, cut off the relevant power supply, report to the power supply station, and carry out fire fighting. Use dry fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc. when fighting fires.
6. The operation safety of the unit is very important, and safety is no small matter. Diesel generator set manufacturers also remind customers and friends that safety is the first during the use of the unit. It must be ensured that the unit is in a safe state before it can start running, so as not to bury Potential safety hazards, causing irreparable losses.

Post time: Dec-09-2022