How to choose a generator set?

Let me tell you about how to choose a generator in the end!
When buying a small generator, the first question you may consider is whether to choose a diesel generator or a gasoline generator. In response to this problem, you need to first understand the characteristics of diesel generators and gasoline generators.


In terms of weight, diesel generators of the same power are more than 50% heavier than gasoline generators, such as 5kW generators, gasoline generators are 80kg, and diesel generators weigh more than 120kg;

In terms of noise, diesel generators are about 10 decibels higher than gasoline power generation;
In terms of fuel consumption, diesel generators save about 30% fuel than gasoline generators with the same power;

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In winter, especially in the north, gasoline generators start better than diesel generators. In view of the characteristics of the above two generators, you need to specify the use environment of the generator when purchasing. The highest requirements, especially the requirements for noise and weight, must be carefully considered, especially in urban areas. The requirements are high. If you choose to accidentally cause nuisance complaints, it may not be worth the loss;
Considering this situation, our factory has produced a silent box unit. The appearance can be dustproof, rainproof and snowproof, and it can also ensure the effect of mute! In addition to the silent unit, the manufacturer also has open-frame, mobile and other units, waiting for your purchase!

Post time: Sep-09-2022