High temperature + power outage crisis

A unit to help you solve this problem!
It's hot! It's hot! "Recently, "It's hot to take a breath" and "acquaintances" go out. High temperature and power outages have occurred all over the country. It is reported that such weather has occurred in Hengyang, Chengdu and other places!

Recently, I believe everyone has seen the news. Chengdu has become a veritable "Internet celebrity city": the weather map is red, the heat is red, and finally last week, with a real-time high temperature of 39.7 ℃, it ranked first in the country. one.

According to the current situation, our factory has specially produced a batch of diesel generator sets with automatic control cabinet. + Trouble with power outages!


What is an automatic control system?

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The automatic control system is a control system that can make the production process or other process proceed according to the expected law or predetermined program without the direct participation of no one. Automatic control system is the main means to realize automation, referred to as automatic control system. It can realize automatic control tasks and is composed of controllers and control objects.
Let's take a look at the automatic control cabinet together!

Reliable design and stable debugging;
Safe wiring arrangement in accordance with electrical codes
It has strong versatility and is suitable for the control of many different models and capacity units at home and abroad;
With microprocessor as the core, large-screen LCD with backlight Chinese display, touch button operation;
Precise measurement and display functions: real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, water temperature, oil pressure, etc. of diesel generator sets and commercial power;
Control and protection functions: realize automatic start/stop, load switching and alarm protection functions of diesel generator sets;
Parameter setting function: allows users to change and set their parameters, and at the same time, it is stored in the internal FLASH memory and will not be lost when the system is powered off;
It has the function of automatic control of the intake and exhaust doors (through the programming output port);
A variety of temperature and pressure sensors can be used directly, and parameters can be customized;
With real-time calendar, clock and running time accumulation function;
Display of the cumulative output power of the generator set;
A variety of start-up success conditions are available;
Built-in speed/frequency detection link, which can accurately judge the successful start, rated operation and overspeed status;
99 groups of historical records can be saved cyclically, and records can be queried on site;
The power supply range is wide (8-35) VDC, which can adapt to different starting battery voltage environments.

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The above is the description of the automatic control cabinet
The automatic control cabinets produced by our factory often appear in factory construction sites, residential office buildings and other places. They are used together with diesel generator sets to help you solve the crisis of power outages in high temperature days!

Post time: Sep-09-2022