Application field of diesel generator set

A diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, which refers to a power machine that uses diesel oil as a fuel and a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a generator to generate electricity. The whole unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. Mainly used in the following fields:

1. Mine
The diesel generator set as a whole can be fixed on the foundation for positioning use, or it can be installed on a trailer for mobile use. So it is widely used in mines.
2. Marine and port
Large ports see numerous ships call in every day, and the ships’ powerful diesel engines must run continuously to keep the ship’s equipment and support systems up and running.

3. Field site
Because of its small size, flexibility, lightness, complete supporting facilities, and easy operation and maintenance, it is widely used in field construction sites and other departments as a backup power supply or temporary power supply.
4. Municipal machinery
Diesel engines are widely used due to their high thermal efficiency. Off-highway diesel engines are the mainstay of the off-highway engine market, mainly used in agricultural machinery (such as tractors), construction machinery (such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers), material handling machinery (such as forklifts) and multi-purpose equipment (such as generator sets, water pumps )wait.

5. Building construction

The generator set with excellent and stable performance adopts low-noise design to ensure that once the main power supply of the building is cut off, the alternative power supply system must be able to provide power immediately. Support the normal operation of buildings and facilities of all types of construction around the world.

6. Special for breeding

Farms are generally built in relatively remote places, and it is inconvenient to use electricity. Therefore, generators have become a necessary magic weapon for major farms. The aquaculture industry is an industry that uses more generator sets.
With the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of diesel generator sets, the scope of application of diesel generator sets in hospitals, hotels, hotels, real estate and other industries is also expanding, and they are used in various industries.

Post time: Mar-20-2023